DistilledU – Keyword Research Module Complete

DistilledU BadgeI’ve just completed the Keyword Research module of Distilled U at the weekend. I earned myself a pretty badge to add to my collection, but more importantly I learnt the true value of conducting quality keyword research prior to any online marketing campaign, whether that be link building, on-page optimisation, site architecture or content marketing. It was no mean feat completing this module as it is a 7 hour behemoth, making it one of the larger modules Distilled U has to offer, second only to the Technical SEO module.

The subjects covered in the module included:

  • Understanding the different types of keywords
  • Using the Google Keyword Tool
  • Building a seed keyword list
  • Grouping keywords by category
  • Expanding the keyword list
  • Giving keywords value
  • Understanding and calculating keyword relevancy

They also touched upon the use of Excel and Google Docs to help in the keyword research process, which makes sense purely because it’s a data intensive exercise, and only the power of Excel can handle the heavy lifting of a data set generated by this type of research. They give some great advice on techniques and work flows to make the process as quick as possible whilst capturing high quantities of relevant, quality data.

If you would like to find out more about Keyword Research, but don’t want to enroll on the Distilled U training program (which you totally should by the way), you can see some great links below for resources that really helped me to better understand the importance of keyword research and also helped steer me on learning the process of keyword research, such as the tools used. Some of the links were recommended by Distilled U, some were ones that I came across that I think are definitely worth a mention

Helpful Resources:


Another resource that I want to highlight is the recent post Cyrus Shepard did over at SEOmoz on how to rank as this is a comprehensive blueprint on the process of optimising webpages to rank making this ideal for beginners to gain a good understanding on whats involved from the ground up. It covers in this process the keyword research as well as everything else required to best optimise your website for the search engines. I’ve read this twice already (only published 5 days ago) and have to say it’s a great post. It doesn’t however go into massive detail (which is a good thing, but you need to read the post to understand why) and instead references other sites for further reading.



  1. Thanks for the great resource on SEO. Definitely going to check into DistilledU.

  2. I just wanted to mention very quickly that since completing this module, I have performed a very comprehensive keyword research and found that this was spot on.

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